Wholesale Footwear Shoe Shine Sponge Counter Top Display

Wholesale Footwear Shoe Shine Sponge Counter Top Display

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This compact and convenient display is a go-to solution for keeping footwear looking sharp and well-maintained. Crafted with a high-quality shine formula, these sponges bring out the natural brilliance of shoes. They are effective on various shoe materials, providing a lasting shine that enhances the overall appearance. Restore the shine and luster of footwear with just a few simple strokes, ensuring you step out with confidence. Featuring a silicone-filled sponge specially formulated to provide an instant shine to all leather and imitation leather shoes. Each sponge comes in a plastic case and measures approximately 2.25" x 4". Countertop display comes with 48 pieces.,Shoe Shine Sponge Counter Top Display,Esponja/Bolero
Color: Black,Orange
Material: Foam,Rubber
Category: Apparel

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